Meet Gordon & Jesse

In a scene out of your favorite romcom; Jesse Frazier is a street artist known for bold creations, and Gordon Mehterian is an art expert with bougie West Coast art scene roots. Together, in a “worlds-collide” cliche kind of way, the two realized they could change the way people connect with art.


TALK Gallery lives up to its name...

… in that it takes a candid approach to art and creates an immersive environment where the art you see, the music you hear, and even the food you eat are all tied together. TALK is a space where anyone is welcome to step into the minds of artists and honestly engage with the art, and one another. 

Affiliates & Sponsors

-CODA Audio Room


Angie Graham, of @Complement Design,  is a mid-century modern visionary with a penchant for seeing things through. As a former labor and delivery nurse, she now oversees five design-related businesses, from wallpaper consulting to greeting cards - Angie’s a busy woman who does it all, including designing our space at TALK gallery.


The audio room masters of CODA curate an auditory experience that helps people immediately connect to the space around them. Lovers of music and design, the crew at CODA found one another through their mutual love of how music should sound. Just a group of people with a long history of attending hundreds of shows, turned into a tight friendship of audiophiles who want to shift how people experienced music.