In a scene out of your favorite romcom; Jesse Frazier is a street artist known for bold creations, and Gordon Mehterian is an art expert with bougie West Coast art scene roots. Together, in a “worlds-collide” cliche kind of way, the two realized they could change the way people connect with art.

TALK Gallery lives up to its name. It takes a candid approach to art and creates an immersive environment where the art you see, the music you hear, and even the food you eat are all tied together. 

Everything is for sale without heavy handed selling. No pitch, no art-speak, no bullshit… just TALK.

Featured Art

These 2 paintings have been selected by The Arvada Center for their 10 year anniversary of Abstractionists in Colorado. We are excited to show them together in TALK Gallery first. They will be reunited during the exhibition this year.

Once You Hit The Hard Stuff

by Matt O’Neill



by Mark Brausuell


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CRAVE Magazine Podcast Episode 31 

Gordon Mehtherian & Jesse Frazier

Art & Collaborators

Show #1: Abstract Expressionism

Yeah, we know abstraction isn’t the easiest thing to navigate. That’s why we took the time to curate the space and pick two incredible artists. Abstract Expressionism takes many forms, show #1 is about work that is inspired by music. We teamed up with CODA to deliver the highest quality sound. Abstract Expressionism reached its zenith in the ‘1950s, so we enrolled Complement Design. They furnished the gallery with the coolest, authentic Mid Century Modern furnishings.  

When you walk into the gallery you are transported by your own experience. You will sit in the vintage chair, hear the extraordinary sound and suddenly the canvases begin to make sense. Your own life is reflected back at you, the color, brushstrokes and impact of each work of art in combination with the surroundings will empower and uplift your own understanding.

Matt O'Neill


Mark Brausuell




Compliment Design

Interior Design